Friday, November 16, 2012

From the ashes

For some reason I don't think it's all too interesting to just post entries about how awesome I am for two reasons. One is for the sake of story and the other is that it's simply not true. We all struggle and I want to share that part of my life here as it seems to be the only thing I can think to talk about.

This week I continued refining my skills when it came to machinery. I had some sad moments, some frustration, some revelations, some embarrassing mistakes, and a big messy pile of sketches.

So what we have here (at the top) is a tank that I finished yesterday. I think it turned out pretty slick, and though several critiques have pointed out some of its flaws I still think it's one of my better works.

The tank blow that I lovingly indicated with a red X mark, is a drawing I did the day before. It's ugly and horrible and I hate it. In fact, I disliked it so much that I vowed to redo it and spent most of my time painting the new one in a fit of rage. Perhaps I work best when I'm angry. Who knows?

And finally the ship at the bottom was my practice that taught me so many lessons about machinery and what looks good, and how thick things are and what have you.

Overall I learned some great stuff this go around, and I thought I'd try and make a video to share the process I take. I'm still not so comfortable with the video thing, but the only way to fix that is to do it.

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