Friday, November 9, 2012

My speckled soul

Here are the best of my sketchbook (which is not saying much). I say that only because most if my sketches are means to me working out a problem and often contain notes, scribbles, and blatant ugly mistakes. It would be like looking at someones math homework, and I don't feel like baring my soul to you that freely just yet. Though a lot of what you can see here demonstrates that point quite well.

It mostly surmounts to my dirty laundry. You can rifle through it if you wish, just know that some of it stinks pretty bad.

Very recent thing I'm still working on.


Figure Drawing for all it's worth

Anime heads?
Nib pen, India ink.
My Brother held still for 20 minutes
while I sketched him. Not my best work
Trying to understand the planes and
structure of the face

I thought I had a revelation about good
landscape images being framed like
looking through a car window,
but then again maybe I didn't.

Drawing in the car produces
poor results.
Drawing in the dark on your knee also
produces poor results.

Feng Zhu makes me feel inferior. When that happens the result
is always a fit of sketches to try and improve.
"Try" being the key word here. I'm getting there.

Quick sketches before I do the "real sketches" for a client.

Doing studies like this help me get better at things like the
spaceship image at the beginning of this post.

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